Odisha Maritime

Who We Are?

Our Mission

  • Our mission is to provide people with a seamless experience that goes from discovering the best places, making unforgettable memories with their loved ones and absolute relaxation.
  • Best service in town – kayaking, boat rides, road trips, bumper rides, banana rides all in one place.
  • Our mission is to give you a brand new experience like never before.
  • We are bringing you life changing experiences , great services and memories.
  • Our mission is to inspire exploration.
  •  Experience freedom on the water.
  • The best tours, sunset and ultimate peace.
  • We inspire you to go beyond your limits.  


Extraordinary Experiences

  • Experience the Adrenaline rush moments only on odisha maritime.
  • Experience the extraordinary in town.
  • Experience amazing and extraordinary fun, thrill and excitement..
  • Find yourself again !
  • Experiences to remember!
  • The Thrills, Chills and Curiosity of Water Rides.
  • Let us take you to the extraordinary world of excitement, thrill and curiosity!

Our Core Values

Our core values are:-

– Customer satisfaction.
– Making unforgettable memories.
– And exploring new heights with you.


Our values reflect our commitment to the customer, who enables us to learn and grow. We are a team of people who have a passion for making customers happy. We work hard to delight our customers with the best possible experience.